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The ability to capture the true essence of his subjects is what sets Iván Díaz apart from other photographers. Known for his unique eye and use of creative angles, Iván has honed his skills as a photographer through various experiences such as wedding/engagement, family/newborn/pet portraits, senior/graduation photos, concert/event, website promotion, etc.. His work has been displayed in the Greeley Tribune as the Photo of the Week, 2012-2013 University of Northern Colorado ViewBook and website, and most recently the Up In Smoke and Under the Sun tours with KISS 96.1 concert series.

In addition to his work as a professional photographer, Iván works within the educational sector promoting higher education access and importance. He enjoys capturing the defining moments in his son and daughter's life through photos. For him, photography allows him to escape from the everyday life and view the world in new/interesting way to capture the extraordinary.

"A portrait of another person is really a self-portrait of the photographer."

—Dorothea Lange

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