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Consultations may be done over the phone, in person or by email. Preferably in person. This way you can meet me and get a sense of who I am behind the camera! During consultations the date, time and location of your session will be discussed.  Your expectations for the session, as well as any other questions you may have may be addressed at this time. 



Your Session

I take a very casual approach for your session, I want it to be fun and stress free! When working with children I understand that small babies may  need to take breaks for feedings and changing.  I gladly allow time for such things.  However, please make sure older children are fed and well rested prior to your session.  Prior to your session we will discuss what style of portraits you are most interested in.  Take a moment before coming in for your session to browse the online galleries and get an idea for what style suits you. Also you can follow me on my facebook page (just click on the Facebook logo on the top right of this site), for sneak peeks of select current photo shoots.  Sessions are typically held outside, but can be held in your home with the use of available natural light.



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